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-- Prof M Afzal Wani.

Professor, University School of law and legal studies,
GGS IP University, New Delhi-78
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“The happiest occasion for a teacher is the moment when his students do what he teaches them to contribute to the society in terms of knowledge-creation, rendering a helping hand in necessity, promoting better citizenship by developing in them globally matchable competitive potential and to work for the same selflessly spending their pocket money.

Such a group of students came forward in the University School of Law and Legal Studies, GGS Inprastha University, Delhi and are initiating a socially most relevant action of creating legal awareness among the masses to enable them to live with dignity as well informed and potential members of human brotherhood.

I cherish these moments of appreciation for students as one of the best achievements of life and pray for their success in this venture with endurance.

I feel that these students may face some bottle-necks in carrying forward this mission but at the same time I firmly believe that their sincerity and commitment to the cause would surely help them to stand the test of time. Somehow this prophetic task has to be performed and there is no dearth of good souls in India to join and add to their strength”